Resident students enjoy the daily encouragement and accountability of studying and living with fellow students.  As you strengthen your intellect through the classroom experience, you'll also grow relationally and socially through the life-long friendships that are developed through campus living.


We are proud to announce the opening of our three-story, multimillion dollar, newly constructed residence hall.  This facility opened in the fall semester of 2018.  L.L. Speer Hall offers state-of-the-art amenities for students.

This facility, which has the capacity to house 90 students, provides a comfortable environment for each student to have a "home away from home."  

We are thankful for all of the support we have received to make this facility a beautiful place for our students to live.


The L.L. Speer Residence Hall provides on-campus housing for students.  Speer Hall offers double-occupancy rooms that share a bathroom.  Each wing is gender separated.

Each room includes two twin beds, two desks, two chairs, two closets, and two three-drawer dressers.  Additionally, each room has a sink, mirror, and lighting.  A shared bathroom connects each room.


We understand that choosing a place to study also means choosing a place to live and a group of people to live with.  It is our goal to maintain high standards in our facilities and the activities for our resident students.  


Each floor of Speer Hall offers a laundry facility and a lounge for students to gather.  The lounge is a common area for students to relax and enjoy together or to use for social events.  Each lounge offers kitchen access including a microwave and burners for cooking.


Our campus has night security to ensure the safety and protection of our resident students.  R.A.'s live in the residence hall with the students.  These leaders are always available to give advice, assist in conflict resolution, and offer prayer.


Our resident students participate in dorm devotions.  This provides a place for students to grow in the Lord as they pray and learn together.  


The meal plan is offered to resident students.  The meal plan includes 10 meals per week.  Meals are offered three times a day, five days a week (Monday through Friday.  The student lounge offers a kitchen for student use for additional meals.